How to Prevent Roof Inspecting Scams and Prevent Many Problems Later On

Roof inspections is just as important as the process of installing one. You can hire a professional, or you can do it by yourself, but the costs vary greatly. For example, users have reported that hiring a roof inspector costs from $124-$340 on a national poll. (If you want to get an average cost on your location, read more on this site.

If you are planning to hire a roof inspector, there are some basic questions they need to answer, in order to assure you they are truly professionals:

  1. First and foremost, ask them if they need a ladder. If they are not willing to do the hard work of dragging a ladder from A to B even on winter, don't hire them.
  2. Ask them how do they spot holes on the roof. They must say that they stand on the edge of the roof and look up. That's the only way to spot all the holes between the roof ceiling and the material covering it.
  3. Ask them how many nails are they going to use. They most tell you that they'll only use as much nails as necessary, in order to prevent more damage to the roof itself. 

If they don't answer to these 3 basic questions, don't hire them, since they are not committed.

Ask them if you can see some certifications. Many roof inspectors are certified via the NRCIA (More about this here: or the HAAG certification (Go to here to find out more). If they are not willing to show you any credentials, or if they fail to do so don't hire them, since it's probably a scam.

Many people these days try to save some bucks by doing the inspection by themselves, however, only a trained eye can spot even the tiniest imperfections and damages. Nevertheless, if you are willing to take the risk and do it by yourself, get advised by a professional.